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Thread: Rich Guys And Their Rockstar Fantasies

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    Default Rich Guys And Their Rockstar Fantasies

    Hold on. Hold onnnnnn. We have a developing story here folks. The much maligned (and rightfully so!) JD and the Straight Shot band have some new competition! No longer are they the only rich guy-lives-out-his-rockstar-fantasies band in town... And the band members for the Straight Shot are "nobodies"! How about getting a supergroup together with some famous musicians and a couple great lesser-known but top shelf sidemen to live out your rockstar fantasies and delusions of grandeur even further?! Sounds "fun"!
    Are ya pukin'? Drumroll please! Da da da's the The Jim Irsay Band!

    This feels so icky to me. See even rich executives who are already famous still want to be rockstars! But they are missing the critical piece - talent! But who needs talent when you are a billionaire, right?! And don't even get me started on the singing. Beautiful playing absolutely destroyed by Irsay. At least the cover music is great - where as JD's original songs aren't that much to write home about! You shouldn't be able to pay to play/sing IMO. These musicians have to have been paid a lot to be associated with *that*.

    In this band of fame are Kenny Wayne Shepherd (solo) on guitar and Mike Mills (REM) on bass. The rest are top shelf A-class sidemen. Two of them (Mike Wanchic on guitar and Kenny Aronoff on drums) are from John Mellencamp's band. I just cannot fathom why someone like KWS or Mike Mills both being rockstars would want to do this but lots of $.
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