I saw Don Felder perform at the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi back in September. He put on a great show. The set list was very similar to the last time I saw him perform solo in Ontario several years ago. The changes I noted were that he removed “Over You” and “Superstition” and added “American Rock’n’Roll.” I also remember hearing “You Don’t Have Me.”

He was full of energy and was very dynamic. Perhaps it was “recency bias”, but I think this was the best show I’ve seen from him (I have seen him twice before - once at Caesar’s Windsor Casino in 2009, and once in an Alabama amphitheater in 2014). He was working hard to win over that Tunica crowd, which pretty much filled a smallish sized theater. By the end, he was successful, and the crowd was on their feet.

I was delighted that he dedicated a song to Glenn - “Tequila Sunrise.” It was actually a very sweet little dedication, more than just a throwaway line. I couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that Felder would mention Glenn’s name and speak of him briefly with fondness but the “Eagles” do not, now that they no longer feel obliged to.

I ran down to the front to try to get a guitar pick and/ or set list but sadly, those went to other girls. Perhaps my days of getting such things are through - but I will treasure the ones I have!