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Thread: Interview with Don in Las Vegas 2005

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    Default Interview with Don in Las Vegas 2005

    Life Beyond the Fast Lane with the Eagles, by Kaya Morgan, from M Lifestyle magazine.

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    Wow, what a wonderful interview! Thanks for posting that, GEF! I found it so interesting, and elements of Don's personality and interests shine through throughout the interview: his musicianship, his hardworking and perfectionistic nature, his sense of humour (loved the quip about his cooking! ), his passion for the environment and his love of the Eagles as a working band as well as his bandmates.

    The pictures are pretty gorgeous too!

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    Thanks for posting that, GEF. A sweet friend brought that magazine back from Vegas for me, but it has been awhile since I read that article.

    I laughed when they asked him about his favorite time in Las Vegas and he said, "I don't remember. That's the way it is supposed to be, isn't it?"

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    That was great, gef! It's good to hear Don being positive and fun.

    Loved that band rule "No good deed goes unpunished" and the end "So much to do, so little time"!
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    Great interview GEF! I love reading the insights into the guys lives, their influences, their hobbies and interests and how they spend their time when they are not BBF!

    And yes, Lovely pics too!
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    That's a great interview. Absolutely love the pictures.
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