Finally, Moncton concert review Part 2. Sorry I am so late in getting this done. Usually I was on the computer every night reading the new Border posts but since I joined it seems something keeps coming up to prevent me from logging on . Anyway, better late than never.

You have probably read most of the set list from the reviews & as I wouldn't take my eyes off the stage for a second to make note of the order of the songs, I'll just report on the special moments that I remember. All songs were flawlessly performed!

I must comment on the hair. Joe's is getting quite long. Don's looked the same as it has for awhile, a bit reddish & quite short. Timothy's was quite kinky & a bit fuzzy. It may have been from the dampness. Glenn's started out very neat but the damp air was obviously making it wavier as the night progressed . Very HS&G.

-When Glenn & Joe did their "dueling guitars" bit & Glenn (pretended that he) couldn't duplicate Joe's last riff, he threw his hands in the air, waving them around & he was shaking his head, all with great exaggeration. Much more reaction than I had seen in previous clips of this.

-When Don came out to sing "The Long Run" he said "How are you all doing? Sing along with this one, it has become our theme song", as usual.

-During "Life's been Good" when Joe sang "They send me letters, tell me Glenn's great", Glenn shrugged his shoulders, again in a very exaggerated fashion. He seemed to be really feeding off the crowd's enthusiasm.

After Joe sang "I have a limo, ride in the back. I lock the doors and -", you could tell that he was searching for some new & clever words, but when nothing came to him he blurted out "ride in the back" & sort of laughed at himself & gave an "oh well, I tried" gesture.

-I loved it when Glenn introduced Don as his "friend since 1971". So did the crowd. (See YouTube clip that was posted earlier by Glenneaglesfan).

-Joe really reved up the crowd with his performances of his solo songs.

-Glenn danced twice on ASWTDID & the crowd cheered

-There was only one encore but they did the usual 4 songs:

Rocky Mountain Way & ASWTDID. Glenn then asked "Do you want to hear a couple more?" Loud applause from audience followed & they played - what else but my alltime favourite song - Take It Easy. Glenn cupped his hand behind his ear, as if to listen to the crowd, as an invitation for us to sing along. The crowd was singing every song that they played anyway

I am posting this as I am afraid I will loose it. I will continue with the conclusion in next post ASAP.