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Scott Crago

Eagles musical credits
Percussion, drums on Hell Freezes Over, The "Hole in the World" single, Farewell 1, and Long Road Out of Eden

Eagles production credits
Co-producer of Long Road Out of Eden

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Involvement with the Eagles
Crago's first encounter with an Eagle was when he played on the Don Henley/Patty Smyth song Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough in 1992. He has been playing and touring with the Eagles since Hell Freezes Over.

A story Crago likes to tell about when he was first starting out with the Eagles goes as follows: he was at the first rehearsal, and the band was doing New York Minute. They had barely started with Don stopped everyone and turned to face Crago. He then told him he needed to go back and listen to the song again. Crago recounts the story in Modern Drummer:

"I turned white," Crago recalls. "I had an immediate stomachache, diarrhea, throwing up-well, not really, but almost. I felt like a failure, and it took more than just a moment to get past it. When the rehearsal ended, I walked out, breathed deep, and thought, Okay, they've got me here for a reason. I must have blown that song, but I need to do what the boss said-I need to go back and listen to the record one more time. Well, I went back and listened to it about six hundred times that night to make sure I didn't do it wrong again." (See interview)

In 2000, he co-wrote Everything Is Different Now from Don's Inside Job album. For several years now, he has also backed up Don Glenn on solo dates.


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