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Timothy Drury

Eagles musical credits
Keyboards, vocals on Hell Freezes Over

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Involvement with the Eagles
Drury worked with Don Henley as far back as The End of the Innocence tour, and as a result was brought on board for Hell Freezes Over. On Don's Inside Job, he co-wrote Everything Is Different Now. Since then, he has sometimes backed Don and Glenn at solo shows.

He has said about his experience with the Eagles, "The Eagles were by far the most emotionally demanding....explaining would take pages and pages... but suffice it to say it was a bit tense..on and off stage on that tour. Great, huge tour but extremely taxing for the soul." (see interview). In that same interview, he also states, "The Millenium concert with the Eagles in Los Angeles was a great way to spend that special New Year's. Playing some songs from 'The Wall' with Roger Waters at a Don Henley benefit concert in L.A. was amazing....I'm a huge Floyd fan. My very first gig on my very first tour with Don Henley, in St.Louis...unforgettable. I knew I was doing what I was meant to be doing."

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