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Out of Control (with Frey and Henley)

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Involvement with the Eagles
Tommy Nixon met Don Henley back when they were both playing frat parties in Texas (see above for Nixon's early Texas bands). When the Eagles first started touring, he became one of their roadies. By 1979, he was their road manager and called himself Tommy "Life Is One Fuckin' Thing after Another" Nixon when quoted in the Rolling Stone article published at that time. He remains one of Glenn's road managers to this day. In fact, while Don and Nixon were friends first, it was Glenn who became close friends with Nixon. He is the person whose voice you hear at the beginning of Glenn's cover of I've Been Born Again off of No Fun Aloud, urging Glenn to stray from the straight and narrow path of being true to his woman and go out on the town with the guys (bad Tommy!). He also has a cameo on the Arl$$ episode featuring Glenn - he's one of the guys at the fund-raising party.

Nixon passed away in April of 2017.


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