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Jim Ed Norman

Eagles co-writing credits
Wasted Time Reprise (with Frey and Henley)

Eagles musical credits (does not include arranging)
Piano on Lyin' Eyes

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Involvement with the Eagles
Jim Ed Norman was the keyboard player for Don Henley's very first band Felicity in Texas. The band became Shiloh, and it was as Shiloh that Norman, Don, and their bandmates headed to Los Angeles. After Shiloh disbanded and Don became an Eagle, he called upon Norman to play piano and arrange the instrumentation for several Eagles songs that involved orchestral parts and string instruments, which he often conducted as well.

Once the Eagles disbanded in 1980, it was Glenn and not Don whom Norman worked with. He not only played, arranged, and orchestrated parts on No Fun Aloud, he also co-produced the album. In the late nineties, Norman rose to the poition of president of Warner/Reprise Records Nashville.


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