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Steuart Smith

Eagles co-writing credits
Business As Usual (with Henley)
Center of the Universe (with Frey and Henley)

Do Something
(with Henley and Schmit)
No More Walks in the Wood (with Henley and non-Eagle John Hollander)
Waiting in the Weeds(with Henley)

Eagles musical credits
Guitar, vocals on Farewell 1
Guitar, keyboards, mandolin on Long Road Out of Eden

Eagles production credits
Co-producer of Long Road Out of Eden

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Involvement with the Eagles
When Don Felder was fired from the Eagles in 2000, Steuart Smith was hired as his replacement on the road. He plays on Farewell 1 and Hole in the World, as well as several songs on Long Road Out Eden. He also appears on Henley's Inside Job and has supported him in solo shows for his last few solo tours.


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