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Live Audio Treats
Right-click on the link to download the .mp3 files and save them to your hard drive. (Mac users press "control" and click.) The files are arranged by order of date. Files are cross-indexed on member sites above when applicable.

Get Up, Kate (Oklahoma City 1972)

Train Leaves Here This Morning (BBC 1973)

Witchy Woman (BBC 1973)

How Long (Berkeley 1973)

Lazy Days (Berkeley 1973)

Tryin' (Berkeley 1973)

Chug All Night (Boston 1974)

Doolin-Dalton - Doolin-Dalton / Desperado Reprise (Springfield 1975)

One of These Nights (Springfield 1975)

Too Many Hands (Springfield 1975)

Journey of the Sorcerer (Boston 1975)

Tequila Sunrise (Houston 1976)

Take It to the Limit (Nagoya 1976)

Rocky Mountain Way (Nagoya 1976)

Life in the Fast Lane (Gothenburg, Sweden 1977)

Carol (Nagoya 1979)

In the City (Osaka 1979)

Lyin' Eyes (Tokyo 1979)

Life's Been Good (Tokyo 1979)

The Long Run (Tokyo 1979)

Hotel California (Chicago 1979)

The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks (Chicago 1979)

I Can't Tell You Why (Chicago 1979)

All Night Long (East Troy 1980)

After the Thrill Is Gone (Long Beach 1980)

Keep on Tryin' (Long Beach 1980)

Seven Bridges Road (Long Beach 1980)

Pretty Maids All in a Row (Long Beach 1980)

King of Hollywood (Long Beach 1980)

Sea Cruise (Long Beach 1980)

Peaceful Easy Feeling (Hell Freezes Over Outtake)

The Best of My Love (Hell Freezes Over Outtake)

Victim of Love (East Rutherford 1994)

Help Me Thru the Night (East Rutherford 1994)

The Girl from Yesterday (Mountain View 1994)

Love Will Keep Us Alive (London 2001)

The Heat Is On (London 1996)

Sunset Grill (London 2001)

Seven Bridges Road (Oklahoma City 2002)

Take It Easy (Oklahoma City 2002)

Turn to Stone (Chula Vista 2003)



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