Busy Being Fabulous (2008)
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"Plot" Summary: The video starts out with a pretty lady getting ready for a night out on the town - without her husband. She gets glammed up and leaves him a note. At the party she attends, The Eagles are the house band. The party is in a mansion on Mulholland, and is filled with "beautiful people." There is a dark side, though - the ladies are being catty and the guys are being shallow. Besides being the house band, each Eagle has another "character." While Don mills about the crowd singing, Timothy serves drinks, Glenn bartends, and Joe acts as a bouncer.

While that's the main plot, there are several clever moments in the video that make it more interesting. For the second verse, the video cuts away from the party to the lady and her husband driving along in the hills with a bottle of wine in the car. The man gets pulled over for drunk driving by none other than Joe, whose daytime job is apparently as a cop. Don is riding in the back of the cop car smoking, and next to him is a monkey - Joe's able assistant, as we discover later. I love this segment because it's so ironic - "a bottle of wine and a walk in the moonlight" becomes the man having to walk in a straight line in front of the police officer to test his sobriety.

Back at the party, other interesting moments pepper the video - Tim flirting with girls as the waiter, then accidentally spilling his tray of drinks all over himself just when it looks like they're impressed, Joe training his monkey to pickpocket passed out partygoers and deliver the goods to him.

At the end of the video, all the guys are sitting around a table in another room of the mansion, relaxing after the party. They're drinking, smoking cigars, and looking pretty satisfied with themselves. Great video.