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  160. why did he go by Timothy B Schmit
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  162. Kingston Trio w/ Timothy B Schmit is Airing
  163. Timothy is Inaugural Member of Sacramento Walk of Stars
  164. Timothy's Upcoming Album "Leap of Faith"
  165. Timothy to appear in Sept 22 livestream and later on PBS as part of Music City Roots
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  173. Interview today 10/06/2016 on KCSN in LA
  174. Leap Of Faith vinyl soon
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  177. Leap of Faith Survivor - Coming Tues, Jan. 31, 2017
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  183. Timothy featured on Firefall's new song "Nature's Way"
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  185. California shows with Richie Furay????
  186. Timothy will be guesting on King of Hearts’ latest album
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  188. Happy Birthday, Timothy.
  189. Timothy has a new song out.
  190. Timothy to appear on new Carla Olson album on song “A Child’s Claim to Fame”
  191. New Timothy B Schmit Single-Cross That Line- to be released
  192. New Tim album, "Day by Day" available!
  193. Happy Birthday, Timothy!!!
  194. Timothy is a grandpa!!