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01-21-2017, 05:11 PM
What a great show! It was very different from the show I saw on New Year's Eve. No "Best of My Love," "Last Worthless Evening," or "All She Wants to Do Is Dance" but we did get the following:

(NOTE: Even though "Best of My Love" is listed, he did not play it)


Don seemed to enjoy himself despite suffering from allergies. His voice was only affected noticeably a few times. He looked very nice in his usual gear of jeans, a shirt, and a vest. He seems to be keeping fit.

He didn't just tell the same old stories, which I appreciated. Even though the stories were about the same moments in time, he would vary the details he chose to include. For those of us going to more than one show, that keeps it fresh. I appreciate how he isn't so terribly scripted anymore in his comments.

He made a lot of jokes and wry comments. An example: before "Shangri-La" he said that he was going to play all of our favorites but also one that wasn't a favorite... that's an accurate description, as this is one of my least favorite songs of his entire catalogue. However, each time I hear this live, I like it better. It has a pretty cool groove live... if I go to any more shows, this song may rise from its current occupancy in the bottom 5 Don Henley solo songs (it's already risen from bottom 3).

Another story I especially liked was a bit of information about an Arizonian college teacher he'd had once who he was inspired by - a Shakespeare teacher (right down my alley). He said she was a chain smoker and cussed a lot - quite a character - but she was great. He also shared that she died on an Alaskan cruise - "I don't know if that's funny or not."

There were some rowdy members who shouted stuff a few times - especially this one dude who kept hollering "I LOVE YOU DON" and other stuff (he said "But you hardly know me" lol). I found it obnoxious but Don handled it. In addition to talking about his former teacher, Don made a lot of regional references which pleased the Arkansas crowd, and as the steel guitar player is from Little Rock, we got that lame Razorback "war cry" or whatever it is from the audience (sorry Razorback fans, this Aggie was rolling her eyes).

Although it was inauguration day, he refrained from making any overt references to Trump - just a couple generalized subtle expressions of dismay over the state of the world. He did call the day "historic" however and said he had signed CDs for sale with "Little Rock" and the date on them. I was desperate to get one and decided I would sneak out during "I Don't Want to Hear Any More" - but that never got sung. Just as I feared, by the time I did get out to the stand afterwards, they were all sold out. Oh well. My card was acting up so I wasn't even able to get a T-shirt!

The crowd was a bit of a dud in that they wouldn't get to their feet unless it was to go buy a drink. During the encore, a few stood. I tried to stand during "Life in the Fast Lane" and an usher told me to sit, despite the others standing elsewhere. A sour moment in an otherwise great night.

Don dedicated "Wasted Time" to Glenn. I was moved. I wonder why he chose that song, though? Plus, I wish he'd sing the whole thing himself instead of making it a duet... but saying positive, it was nice to have that emotional moment.

Shout out to VAisforEaglesLovers and the four ladies I met from an Eagles Facebook group I'm a member of!

Now I want to go to Atlanta tomorrow, but I don't have a ticket and driving 12 hours on Sunday (6 there, 6 back) only to arrive home hours before heading out to work Monday morning.... I've done it before, but it's pretty difficult to manage. I'll do a quick search and unless I get front row for face, I'm not going to go. Still, I would if it were closer!

01-21-2017, 05:53 PM
Here's a review from last night's show.


Great recap, Soda. It looks like it was a great show. I can't believe around this time last week I was getting ready to see Don in Austin.

01-21-2017, 06:37 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience, Soda. It's good to hear that Don is in fine form, despite his allergies. Those of us who share that problem can perhaps understand the challenge of singing under those circumstances! Good job, Mr. Henley! :-)

01-21-2017, 08:30 PM
Thanks for the great review Soda - hope you get a ticket for Atlanta - I'd definitely go if I could :grin:

I love the live version of Shangri-la - there's just something about the way he sings it!

01-21-2017, 09:34 PM
Great review Soda. I hate to hear "Best of My Love" and "Last Worthless Evening" weren't sung.

I'm curious about the opening band, how long do they play and how long after they finish before DH starts? My son and his girlfriend are going to the Falcons/Packers game before the concert. If he's going to miss very much, I might be re-evaluating if their going to use the tickets.

By the way Soda it was great meeting you at the Stevie Nicks concert in November.

01-21-2017, 09:53 PM
Thanks for the review Soda!!! :D Glad it was another great one.

01-21-2017, 10:39 PM
Hi PJ! Yes, it was a treat meeting you as well!

I missed the entirety of the opening set. I left later than I anticipated, the 3 and a half hour drive wound up taking 4 due to traffic, I had to spend a half an hour finding parking, then half an hour in a security line outside the venue as our purses and pockets were checked.... one delay after another! I didn't even have time to freshen up before going to the show. Thank God I got there in time to see Don!

From what I heard, the opening set lasted about 45 minutes, and Don came onstage about half an hour after they finished (about 8:45).

01-21-2017, 10:59 PM
Thanks for the great review Soda - hope you get a ticket for Atlanta - I'd definitely go if I could :grin:

Looks like it's sold out! Don Henley's a hot ticket. ;)

01-22-2017, 12:44 AM
I loved that Don is selling out venues. Big or small. I think that's great. I know I was worried about Sugar Land because it took a while for that venue to sell out.

He didn't talk about Arizonian teacher. Interesting story.

I know in Austin, they got on their feet during LITFL and HC. The security was telling us to seat down, but he gave up. LOL Majority of the audience on the floor were on their feet. In Houston, nobody stood in my area and we had no security around us all night.

Ive always been a dreamer
01-22-2017, 02:50 PM
Great review Soda. I hate to hear "Best of My Love" and "Last Worthless Evening" weren't sung.

I feel the same way PJ. I don't think LWE should ever be dropped at a Don solo show - I absolutely adore that song! I also think ASWTDID should be indespensable. Sorry, but I can do without Shangri-La - but that's just me.

And thanks for the review, Soda. I'm glad you enjoyed the show and that was very cool of Don to autograph and sell the CDs. I'm bombed for you that you were unable to get one, but maybe you'll get another chance sometime in the future.

Houston Baby
01-23-2017, 07:49 AM
What a cool thing for Don to do - signing the cds!! Sorry that you were unable to get one Soda.
Thank you for the review & the set list photo !

01-23-2017, 11:24 AM
Great Review!! Thanks!!

I don't have much to add...it was a fantastic show, as expected. The traffic in Little Rock was horrible but we arrived earlier in the afternoon and stayed at the hotel next door.

We got in early so we got to see the opening act, which we saw at Joe's concert in Memphis.

I was hoping we might get an additional song than we did since we weren't going to get "Talking to the Moon." Maybe the Arkansas Razorbacks' Pig Sooie cheer was the substitute! Haha.

We are putting together our Eagles memorabilia collection for display and we had received autographed CDs from Joe, Timothy and Don Felder and I said it was too bad that Don Henley didn't have them. I was very happy to see that he had signed CDs and albums available so we were able to buy an album which will get a framed spot on the wall!!

As was mentioned previously, there was one loud guy in the crowd that seemed a little obnoxious - but not in a mean way - and Don handled it well!

We were in 3rd row center so had an amazing view...he didn't mention allowing photos at all - probably because the crowd seemed to be in compliance the whole show...at least those around me. For that reason I didn't get any photos (I didn't want to be "that guy!") during the show so I only got a couple of snaps as he was giving his final farewells that didn't turn out that clear.

We did stay up to dance during most of LITFL although most people started sitting shortly after it started....which leaves you kinda hanging out there!!

His comments and stories were interesting and funny. I especially liked hearing about "The Last Resort" and the song itself as it is one on my favorites.

Definitely the only Donald I cared to see on January 20, 2017!! Hope I get a chance to see him again!!

01-23-2017, 11:53 PM
Love the CD! So jealous!

01-24-2017, 12:02 AM
I think they were selling the signed CD at Sugar Land. I don't remember if they were selling it at Austin. I didn't get the CD. Maybe I should had. I bought a tshirt for me and a tote bag for my friend who's also a Don Henley fan. I need to mail it for to her. It was a birthday present for her.

01-24-2017, 04:21 PM
They were selling both the signed vinyl album (which I got) and the CD. Out of curiosity I looked on eBay to see if anybody was selling them and the only one I saw was a vinyl album that he signed and dated on January 19 (Tulsa)....but he didn't didn't write the location.

I got the vinyl album because Don Henley is my favorite Eagle and I wanted it to be the most prominent in the display. I had Timothy sign his CD in Nashville and Joe's signed CD came with the meet and greet package in Memphis. Don Felder signed my Eagles Live vinyl album cover when we met him in Nashville.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet or get Glenn's autograph, so I ordered his "No Fun Aloud" vinyl album cover to frame unsigned. At one point back in the 1980's when I lived in Canada, I had all the Eagles vinyl albums as well as Don's "I Can't Stand Still" and Glenn's "No Fun Aloud." I think they might still be at on of my sisters' home in storage. Now I have everything digitally or on CD, but I'm glad to see that vinyl has regained a small audience.

I hope Don Henley has another meet and greet package at some point like he had in Texas awhile back...it certainly would be a special event to attend!!