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12-12-2020, 07:24 PM
Who's got a ticket? I'm watching now!

There's a chat as well, and Joe is in there. He types everything in ALL CAPS, lol. Gotta love it.

It's really cool. He's very active and talkative!

12-12-2020, 11:13 PM
For the curious: Joe saved Don for the final hour, and it was his 2018 performance of "Hotel California."

The last half hour appears to be a few "greatest hits" performances of Joe's from past Vets Aid concerts. I guess this is what he is doing instead of a live set, which admittedly would be difficult to put together.

12-13-2020, 02:27 AM
It's over now! A quick summary:

It was a mix of appearances broadcast from all over the place (artists' home, home studios, etc) and never-before-seen clips from old shows. In a nice touch, each artist was introduced by a veteran or family member(s) of a veteran. There were also some pre-recorded interviews with Brandon Flowers, Verdine White, Drew Carey, Alice Cooper, Steven Van Zandt, and Ringo Starr. Joe himself, as I said above, participated in a live chat alongside the video, and also had some "emcee" bits in between songs as well where he would encourage folks to donate and such. Joe also talked about being a member of a "gold star family" and visiting Walter Reed Hospital. There were a handful of short videos giving information about worthwhile organizations such as T.A.P.S. (https://www.taps.org/), but those were few and far between. It was definitely chock full of music.

Set List (all performances new for 2020 VetsAid unless otherwise indicated)

Joe Walsh: "Funk 49" - from the Fairfax 2017 show
Vince Gill: "Go Rest High on That Mountain"
Haim: "Want You Back" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
Daryl Hall: "You Make My Dreams Come True"
Brad Paisley: "Mud on the Tires" - from the Houston 2019 show
Amanda Shires: "White Feather"
Ben Harper: "I Ride at Dawn"
James Hetfield: "Turn the Page"
Willie Nelson: "Pretty Paper"
Josh Ritter: "Girl in the War"
The Boxmasters with Billy Bob Thornton: "Breathe Easy"
Doobie Brothers: "Black Water" - from the Houston 2019 show
Babyface: "Medley: America the Beautiful / Star-Spangled Banner"
Jewel: "Grateful"
Jake Shimabukuro: "Dragon"
Gary Clark Jr.: "Bright Lights" - from the Fairfax 2017 show
Gwen Stefani: "Hollaback Girl"
The Lumineers: "Charlie Boy"
James Taylor: "Native Son" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
Eddie Vedder: "Porch"
Blake Shelton: "God's Country"
The 5 Browns: Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca" and "Sleigh Ride"
Kenny Chesney: "You and Tequila"
Sheryl Crow: "Every Day is a Winding Road" - from the Houston 2019 show

Joe Walsh: "Turn to Stone" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
Phillip Phillips: "Home"
Rufus Wainwright: "Unfollow the Rules"
Ryan Bingham: "Good Golly Miss Molly" and "Bread and Water"
Jon Bon Jovi: "Unbroken"
Jason Isbell: "24 Frames" - from the Houston 2019 show
Mary Gauthier: "The War After the War"
Nathaniel Rateliff: "Sam Stone"
Keith Urban: "For You" - from the Fairfax 2017 show
Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan and Ayaan: "Romancing Earth"
Patty Griffin: "Go Wherever You Wanna Go"
Richard Marx: "Don't Mean Nothing"
Melissa Etheridge: "Bring Me Some Water"
ZZ Top: "Tush" - from the Houston 2019 show
Don Henley: "Hotel California" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
Tim McGraw: "Where the Green Grass Grows"
Jimmy Buffet: "Last Mango in Paris"

Joe's "set":
"Rocky Mountain Way" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
"Life's Been Good" - from the Tacoma 2018 show
"In the City" - from the Houston 2019 show

Joe Walsh and Friends (everyone comes out for the encore): "Down By the River" - from the Fairfax 2017 show
Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, and Friends (everyone comes out for the encore including Don Henley): "With a Little Help from My Friends" - from the Tacoma 2018 show

If you want to see it, it's still available to stream until Monday - just not live. Here's the link: VetsAid 2020 (http://www.vetsaid.org/vetsaid2020)

12-13-2020, 08:06 PM
I enjoyed the concert.

It was cool that Joe was there with us chatting.

My late uncle was in the military. I didn't know much of him being in the military. There's a picture of my uncle in the military at my grandma's house. I don't think he went to Vietnam.

A lot of people at my job came from the military. We have some military personnel in my building. My former boss who moved on to another job two months ago was in the Army.

I'm glad Joe still did the show even if it was virtual.

12-13-2020, 11:41 PM
I do want to say that I didnít expect Joe to be there. I was shocked and surprised. He was there the whole 5 hours. His godson even popped in. Joe was funny with isnít it passed your bedtime. Lol

I wonder who was Vetsaid? It was either Marjorie and her son Christian. It was probably Christian. I wasnít there 30 minutes before the show. I came in probably 10 minutes before the show started.

12-14-2020, 05:24 AM
I have to finish last hour. Family complained too long Hmmph!!!! Anyways I was surprised Joe was in chat too. I chatted in beginning, but then focused on show. At one point I said Iím so Excited! And he responded ďWEíRE SO EXCITED TOO!Ē I was like a giddy school girl. Ha ha my daughter tried to get a pic of screen but it didnít work. Shucks!!!

from what I seen so far highlights are of course Joe. Looking good king! Loved how he put the archive footage throughout the stream. James Hetfield was amazing! Brad Paisley, Ben Harper,The Lumineers were cool and Nathaniel Ratliff,Eddie Vedder Too. As I said I havenít finished. So hoping to get it all in. I canít believe Babyface lip synced....like really? Anyways.....

so proud of Joe and VetsAid. I hope it was a success, hubby checked merch and said some stuff already sold out. Good.

Ive always been a dreamer
12-14-2020, 07:02 PM
I wasn't able to watch it - there was too much other stuff going on in my life. But, thanks for the thorough recap, Soda.

12-15-2020, 12:38 PM
Bummer Dreamer. I got to.watch it all. It was put together so nicely. Loved it. Ringo and Joe= two kings, love the story regarding him closing 2018 vetsaid. And I really dug "down by the river" wow! So cool proud of Joe!

12-15-2020, 12:55 PM
It was looking at the other concerts stats for 2017 thru 2019, 2018 concert raised over $700,000. That is a lot.

12-18-2020, 11:22 AM
Wow! So glad Joe was able to raise so much money for the vets, even without holding the concert in person.

Let's just hope that next year, we're all able to get together once again.