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    John Travolta's Son Dead at Age 16

    Life is so very fragile, you just never know. I cannot imagine losing a child. Makes you wonder why these things happen. We all take things for granted and complain about little things. When you see...
  2. Cannot attend concert due to Husbands Bypass Surgery

    Well, just sold my Eagles tickets to a young couple who were excited to see the Eagles. I did not rip them off as some ticket sellers do, I sold them for face value. Just hope that someday I may get...
  3. Cannot attend concert due to Husbands Bypass Surgery

    Thanks for the advice, I did post the tickets on Craigs List and have some interested parties. I am not looking to make a profit on these so I think that they will sell quicker? I do not believe in...
  4. Cannot attend concert due to Husbands Bypass Surgery

    I live in the Knoxville TN area and was thrilled when I was able to purchase tickets to the Eagles concert on Jan 20th. My husband and I were so looking forward to it. But on Dec 22nd (a few days...
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    Hello From Tennessee

    I am new here. I love this site. I love the Eagles. Music is so important to me. Music has a way of making you feel better and some music has words that you sometimes feel are based upon how you are...
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    Top 10 Favourite Singers

    I also think that David Cook is great. And to think that he had no intention of auditioning for American Idol, he was there to keep his brother company (or so he says)

    My top 10 - not in any...
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    The Never Ending Song Game...

    Take It To The Limit - The Eagles (of course)
  8. The Eagles are coming to Knoxville Tennessee Jan 09

    I am sooo excited, The Eagles are coming to Knoxville and I have my tickets (8th row). My husband traveled to Nashville in Sept to attend their concert there. We never thought that our once in a...
  9. Eagles nominated for 4 American Music Awards!

    If they do not win the award then I do not understand. I watched the CMA Awards and thought for sure they would win. Then their performance was at the end of the show. They are the best and deserve...
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