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  1. Re: Minimoog From "The Long Run" Tour Identification

    The date is an actual show date. The Eagles were at The Alpine Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin on June 29, 1980.
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    Re: Schmit Sexiness: The Timothy B. Schmit Photo Thread

    This photo is circa 1978 and was made at one of the famous baseball games that the guys use to have on their off days. The young lady with Timothy is his girlfriend and future wife. They are so...
  3. Re: Frey Fever: The Glenn Frey Photo Thread

    Great Glen photo by Henry Diltz that did the Desperado album and was featured on HOE, many of his photos were on that documentary.
    You can go to his website‎ or Henry Diltz...
  4. Re: Meisner Mania: The Randy Meisner Photo Thread

    Today, I found this picture of Randy with Timothy on Randy's 65th birthday.
    Everyone has likely seen this before, but I wanted to share our 2 favorite bassists, just in case you missed it.
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    Re: Do You Have a Favorite Ex-Eagle?

    Randy is the one, voice, hair, looks, he had it all and mixed with his gentle shyness was just pure charisma.
    I have always wondered which one of the Eagles was the most popular with the girls in...
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