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    Re: What's Happening In Your Life?

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to share something with you that I'm really proud of.

    So I wrote a novel about the Syrian Civil War 2 years ago. I have done some lectures about the book in libraries,...
  2. Re: Rick and Morty - Is this Joe singing?

    Great. Initially I was so sure that it was Joe, just by relying on voice recognition, until fans of the show started writing me whole paragraphs with arguments on why it had to be Justin Roiland. If...
  3. Re: Is the King of Hollywood the strangest, coolest song or what?

    I have to agree on that. The Eagles put all sorts of sentiments and emotions in their songs, but they never get theatrical, except for maybe a couple of songs, but It's Your World Now catches a whole...
  4. Re: Is the King of Hollywood the strangest, coolest song or what?

    I'm in the midst of a true King of Hollywood phase, or maybe I'd better call it an obsession. The last two days it's all I listened to, I think I've played the song a good 25 times now over and over...
  5. Re: Rick and Morty - Is this Joe singing?

    Fixed it.

    Edit: I have never heard this version before, so my next question would be where it's coming from...
  6. Rick and Morty - Is this Joe singing?

    I caught up on my favourite series today and I was so shocked to find out one of my favourite songs was in there: In the City. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a young Eagles fan before who...
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    Re: Beach Boys

    I could listen to Brian Wilson for hours.
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    Re: My novel: The Promised Land

    Wow, that's incredible! I love books from writers who have interests in many different fields, so there's always something to like. One of the first things I did was to take a walk and play the whole...
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    Re: My novel: The Promised Land

    Thank you @LuvTim and @Buffyfan!

    @Buffyfan I feel like writing about the things you like and the people you admire is always a good thing to do, I would always encourage people to do it, because...
  10. Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    I have posted here before but I feel like I need to make a new list, because there have changed some things and I have new stories to tell.

    My music history began with my father playing his...
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    Re: My novel: The Promised Land

    That's so supportive, thanks!

    No, or not yet at least. It is a goal of mine, but for now I'm still in the process of promoting it just here in my country. If my book would ever become available in...
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    My novel: The Promised Land

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last visited here, but I've got some great news! Even greater because it's also Eagles related.

    I have written and published the first Dutch novel about the...
  13. Compilation album - From fans to newcomers

    I got into the Eagles first by watching the Farewell Tour DVD (sorry, there’s probably a better place on the forum for this, but it serves as an introduction). My father showed me, because he was a...
  14. Re: Make an Eagles album from Solo Tracks

    I would like a greatest hits compilation album by them, with rather heavy tunes.
    Disc one:
    You belong to the city (Glenn Frey)
    The boys of summer (Don Henley)
    Heavy metal (Don Felder)
    Walk away...
  15. Re: Your Top 10 Artists (other than the Eagles)

    1. The Beach Boys
    I guess I am a sucker for harmonious rock bands. Brian Wilson was not just a songwriter, but a music composer. I think Smile is the greatest album never released and I dig Pet...
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    Re: This or That: Eagles

    Both are incredible, I'd go for How Long in 2007.
    Now I'm gonna set the next one up for a huge dilemma:
    Don's or Bernie's fro?
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    Re: Favorite quotes from all members

    :rofl: That's great, but I also like this quote about the same matter, where Glenn's opinion seems 100% changed!
    “If the Eagles were to get back together, it would have to be for the right reasons....
  18. Re: Dreamin’ ‘bout (a new) tomorrow

    I’m still a little not OK (read this in Bernie’s voice) with Glenn’s passing, but I am OK with the way things will work out because of it. This might be quite a good moment in time for the Eagles to...
  19. Re: Who do you guys side with? Felder or Henley/Frey?

    You're not the only one, my impression was that he is in some way modest and laid back, and in some way wants to do what he likes to do most and choosing his own way, even being stubborn and...
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    Re: Least favourite Eagles song?

    That’s the only logical explanation :smile:

    @Jonny Come Lately I knew Born to Boogie was kind of a joke. Just looking at how the song ends with how the pope should boogie as well as every...
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    Re: Random Victims, Pt 3

    Hotel California sounds like Glenn to me, also because when the song stops he immediately starts talking

    I hear some Glenn in the Wait wait wait part, and some Tim too! The “we love to” at the...
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    Re: Favorite quotes from all members

    And I shouldn’t forget Glenn commenting on Joe joining the band: That's another adventure, because Joe was an interesting bunch of guys. :smile:

    I believe it’s from the documentary.
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    Re: Unknown (song)facts

    Thanks Funk50, whenever I put on this song I used to imagine Bernie singing next to a bird cage until this moment… with the birds having their own lil mic in front of them.

    Glad I could help,...
  24. Re: Dreamin’ ‘bout (a new) tomorrow

    I hope it's not too early yet to start such a topic
  25. Dreamin’ ‘bout (a new) tomorrow

    After the LROOE album was released, there were speculations about a new album already and Joe and Tim didn’t completely rule out another, final album to come, while Don declared LROOE would probably...
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