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Personal Attacks
Sometimes disagreements may occur, but as long as you criticize the opinion and not the poster, you’re fine. It is when you attack the poster personally that it becomes a problem. For instance, saying “I think that you’re not evaluating the situation fairly because [provide reasons]” is addressing the issue. “I think you are a delusional and pathetic loser who needs to seek professional help” is addressing the poster’s personality, and that is unacceptable. Threats of violence also fall into this category. Harassment of other posters will not be tolerated, whether it be on the public board or in private messages aka PMs. (Note: Users should forward any private messages they feel constitute harassment to the administrator, as PMs are not monitored.)

Offensive Content
Posts containing “hate speech” (defined as bigoted speech attacking or disparaging a social or ethnic group or a member of such a group) will be edited or deleted. Posts linking to porn or containing images and/or video which depict sexual acts, nudity, defecation, gruesome violence or other X-rated content will also be edited or deleted. Vulgar and/or offensive user names will not be permitted either. If a user finds content he/she deems offensive on the board, the user should feel free to notify the admin or moderators. They will evaluate the content and deal with it if need be.

In the internet community, a troll and/or flamer is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into confrontations. When they get really bad, they are known as flame wars. While not always the case, usually trolls and flamers begin their crap within their first 10 posts, because they have no interest in meaningful discussion. An example would be something like "hi im freddie, im new, but have 2 say that the Eagles r not that gr8t, ur board sux, ur all lame! Dont say im a troll cuz im just espresing my opinon!!!" Some trolls actually can spell and try to start flame wars not because they are young and immature, but because they feel a sense of gratification when they can upset others (yes, that's messed up, but there are a lot of messed up people in this world). An example would be something like "I've just signed up to say that the Eagles are greedy egomaniacs and none of you people can handle the truth that your favorites are devoid of any shred of human decency." Others only target certain Eagles in their trolling, but the result is the same: posting with no other purpose than to incite conflict. It is arguable that these trolls are even more pathetic than the young ones, who hopefully will grow out of it. None will be tolerated here. The admin and moderators reserve the right to take peremptory action and circumvent the strike system (see Enforcement sub-header below) when dealing with obvious trolls.

Posts which give out private information about other members of the board or band members will be edited or deleted. “Private information” includes addresses, phone numbers, and in the case of other users, private messages.

Users impersonating members of the band, their relatives, their entourage, etc. will be deleted. This holds true regarding impersonations of other people, such as impersonating members of other boards. Using multiple IDs to deceive people is also unacceptable.

Spam such as off-topic ads or links will be deleted. Spammers will be banned.


The same rules apply to chat that apply to the board.


The administrator and moderators strive to enforce the Terms of Service fairly. We use the "three strikes and you're out" system. The first two times a member breaks one of the terms of service, he/she will be warned. The user will receive a PM stating that he/she has received a strike for reasons which will be laid out in that PM. At that time, the user can address any issues and engage in dialogue with the moderators. (Indeed, feel free to engage in dialogue with the moderators or admin at any time, not just after a strike). Hopefully problems can be worked out in this manner. However, on the third offense or "strike," the user will be banned. Ideally, it would never come to that. We consider banning a last resort. It will only be done after the moderators and the admin have reviewed all of the facts fully and agreed that it is the only option.

The board administrator and moderators reserve the right to edit, delete, or undelete posts as needed. They reserve the right to take action when their PMs and/or warnings are ignored or disregarded.

Some activities on the board are reserved for "members in good standing." A "member in good standing" is defined as a member who has not had any strikes for 30 days prior to the event in question, and also someone who has been a member for at least two weeks prior to the event in question.

The board administrator and moderators will not penalize users here for actions elsewhere unless they directly impact any of the sites on the Eagles Online Central network.

Note that certain violations of the rules under these terms of service could be deemed as a criminal offense under U.S. harassment, bullying, and stalking laws. If necessary, the matter will be brought before the proper authorities.


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