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Thread: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

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    Default Re: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

    I went to the dentist yesterday and got a twofer - first they played Love Will Keep Us Alive and about four songs later Heartache Tonight came on. I told my dentist that I was going to have a hard time keeping still for that one.

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    Default Re: Hearing the Eagles or solo songs unexpectedly!

    April 10th I was working on the ground floor back end of Amazon's wearhouse and I heard Golden Earring's Radar Love. One of the forklift operators had hooked his iPod up to a set of gigantic speakers, which was by one of the break areas that I had to clean. After Radar Love, I heard Bon Jovi's Wanted dead or alive. I had to pass by the speakers as I went on my rotations and as I walked away while Areosmith played, I said to myself "please play some Eagles!" 20 minutes later, I could've sworn I heard Henley's voice on the speakers. Where I was at made it a bit muffled so I walked out towards to the break area and sure enough "Then she lit up her candle..." pumped out of the speaker! They were playing Hotel California! So of course I had to listen to it and sing at the top of my lungs. Not too long after, the guy's supervisor came and shut it down. But hey, at least I got to hear one Eagles tune.

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