I love the different signature images and avatars people have been developing for the board. I thought it might be a good idea to have some established guidelines for sizes.

As it says in your avatar upload section on your profile, avatars should not exceed 150px in width and 200px in height. This holds true for remotely hosted avatars as well.

You can find pre-made avatars for each of the Eagles in the "Downloads" sections of each site:
Eagles Avatars
Glenn Frey Avatars
Don Henley Avatars
Joe Walsh Avatars
Timothy B. Schmit Avatars
Don Felder Avatars
Randy Meisner Avatars
Bernie Leadon Avatars

If you see that someone else is already using a certain avatar, then choose another one. Helps keep it easy to tell people apart!

We have a bit more leeway with with signature images. In order not to affect board alignment, however, signature images should be no more than 500px wide. As far as height goes, a good place to stop is 175px, although 200px is acceptable. This is because for those with 800x600 resolution, anything taller would dominate the page and make it harder for the page to load for those on dial-up.

You can find pre-made signatures courtesy of Maleah here.

Again, I love how creative our members are being. Nice work, guys!