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Thread: Celebration of Airborne

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    Default Re: Celebration of Airborne

    Quote Originally Posted by New Kid In Town View Post
    Marc Eliot got a lot of things mixed up or completely wrong. He even stated the Super Bowl is in October !
    He gave the wrong info on the sex and number of kids Glenn & Tim had, and said Glenn's Mom did not remarry until Glenn was in his late teens(she remarried when he was three). Poor research in MHO.
    Agreed. When it comes to Eliot, we need to make sure we have second source verification for pretty much any claim he makes!

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    Default Re: Celebration of Airborne

    Happy 37th birthday to "Airborne" today. Don even acknowledged it on his social media pages.

    Here's the "Bad Girls" video which stars Cheech Marin. I believe this is Don's *only* appearance in an MTV-style music video (that wasn't just a performance clip).

    And here's a re-post of a video review I made about his album back in 2017. This was one was fun to produce! I still believe "Bad Girls" and "Still Alive" are pretty good tracks.

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    Default Re: Celebration of Airborne

    Happy 37th Anniversary to Airborne!

    I may give this a listen at a later time, just to see if my opinion has changed about it. There was so much great music during this time period but some cheesiness too. The ďBad GirlsĒ video falls under the latter category but then it was hardly the only one back then. I can see why the album overall really didnít stand out.

    Thanks for the review, RamboIV. I donít recall ever seeing that FTV show back in the 80s.

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    Still my favorite DF album.

    I love how he nicked the Fender guitar company's logo font (go look it up), with the exception of the L, yet still made it look like the Fender logo, lol. If I do a quick look, I see Fender. It's like those optical illusion things where one letter is out of place but you still read the word and don't notice it. Undoubtedly he meant to copy it, and I do love that. Although Felder will always be a Gibson man. He used a Strat occasionally.

    Song wise, I realize some might prefer the RTF or ARNR albums, but I do not. As cheesy as Airborne can be, the slickness of RTF wore off for me the same reason Joe's AM did. And ARNR just never spoke to me. I didn't like the song selection. I've been in an 80s mood, and for better or worse Airborne is totally that "sound". I think Heavy Metal is far and away his best effort. And I admit to liking "Bad Girls" an awful lot too.

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