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Thread: New Eagles Complete Guitar Chord Book

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    Default New Eagles Complete Guitar Chord Book

    For our musician Borderers, this is as good and authoritative a source for learning how to play your favourite songs as you'll find.

    There are many tabs out there with some songs, but not others. This is the only one to contain all songs from their studio and live(!!!) albums. Does NOT contain non-album songs such as "Get You in the Mood," "Please Come Home for Christmas," "Funky New Year," "Born to Boogie," or "Random Victims." No LROOE tracks either, as this was published over a decade prior to the album's release.

    I have used a copy of this for my own personal practices for a few years now, and it has been especially helpful to me in my own endeavors. Most Eagles songs aren't especially hard to play on acoustic when you've practiced them a good bit and know the tunes well enough(trying to sing Meisner's high notes does leave me very out of breath, though).

    My favourites to play are "Tequila Sunrise," "Journey of the Sorcerer,"(if you keep to the general rhythm and be a little bit mindful of tempo changes, then you can turn it into a real jam) "Disco Strangler,"(the main chord is one finger on one of the bottom strings at the top of the guitar neck) and "King of Hollywood." Would be curious to hear what others might say about the selection and quality of Eagles tabs, as well as the playability of various songs.
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    Default Re: New Eagles Complete Guitar Chord Book

    There are a couple of books at my local music store and have the Eagles. I am getting a New Acoustic guitar soon so I am going to head over their monday and check the books out. I prefer a full book to Kindle.

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    Default Re: New Eagles Complete Guitar Chord Book

    I don't know much about Eagles music books, but one amusing example comes to mind. Let's see if I can explain this....

    When the Eagles were recording Already Gone, Bernie unintentionally kept hitting the high E string too during the D chord when he was doing that "boogie rhythm". As guitarists know, when you're playing the "boogie rhythm" in D in the 5th position, your ring finger and little finger go between A and B on the D string. When Bernie was doing that, his little finger touched the high E string as well. His index finger, on the other hand, produced the A note on the high E string. So because he was sort of "rocking out" and didn't pay too much attention, there's this a -> c sharp -> a -> c sharp....figure on the high E string whenever he's playing the D chord. Musicians know that the D chord is the dominant in the key of G (which the song is in), and if there's the 7th in the dominant chord, it should be natural or else it sounds really weird. And here it sounds really weird because it's a c sharp. I can't believe they didn't have Bernie re-record his rhythm part, because it's so apparent.

    Now, what I'm getting at...I've seen this mistake written as an intentional guitar part in some Eagles TAB book. In the book one guitar was playing just the a -> c sharp thing, which was a mistake to begin with!

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    Default Re: New Eagles Complete Guitar Chord Book

    Cool! I'll check it out.

    I'm not a tab/sheet music guy. Can't read for crap. I never did well with symbols and numbers and dots. I failed math almost every year in school, so numbers and dots and lines aren't my friend. I still have to use my hands to add and subtract and forget multiplication and division without a calculator. I'm a words guy, loved English.

    I play mostly by ear and by watching hands or slowing down records. But I'm really mostly an old bluesy rock blues box guy, cuz it's what (most of) my heroes did. Guys like Joe Perry, who aren't readers or theory guys are more my style than someone like Brad Whitford, who is technically trained and a very, well, technical guitar player. For me less is more and I like a raw bluesy guitar sound that isn't 100 notes a minute lol. When you start talking numbers and names and symbols, you lost me haha. It's like I'm staring at a blank page.

    I started out watching YouTube videos. I learn best by duplicating what I see someone else do rather than something on a paper or using fancy numbers and names. Which is why I'm not a session guy, I'm more of a duplicator than a creator, and when I do create, it's my free form bluesy improvisation which is my home turf. Again, more like Joe Perry. For me I just prefer that sound, not that it's the best, or I couldn't do others but I just really like it. Some people call Page sloppy live, I call it raw swagger and full of feeling. To each their own. Music isn't a competition, nor do I think one is any better than the other.

    I tried guitar lessons in 2002. It didn't last a week. Way too formal and complicated. I picked up the guitar on my own terms in 2006 and started playing and doing the self-taught thing and I LOVED it and I progressed quickly just by practicing 8 hours a day, and watching YouTube videos and slowing down records and learning blues and pentatonic scales and chords. For me theory and just lessons in general remind me too much of school, which I hated. I like doing things at my own pace and on my own terms rather than someone telling me what to do, how to do it, and when.
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