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    Default Alan Parsons Project

    Here's a band that doesn't get a lot of its due. Recording engineer Alan Parsons got his big breaks working on the Beatles' "Abbey Road" album and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album, two recordings regularly considered among the greatest of all-time. Around the time of the recording of the big hit "Kung Fu Fighting," he met fellow record producer Eric Woolfson(who helped to produce the aforementioned track) and decided that, between the two of them, they could create a whole new sound, separate from all the other music from that time.

    The music of the Project constitutes the unheralded bridging of the Beatles and Floyd sounds(in addition to poetic elements--see the "Tales of Mystery & Imagination" album) into something that stood out in the specter of Pop music in the late 70's and into the 80's--A sound that transcended its place and time.

    Here's some of their highlights...

    "Sirius" & "Eye in the Sky":

    "Don't Answer Me":

    "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You":


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    Default Re: Alan Parsons Project

    May I also recommend "The Raven" and "Dr Tarr & Professor Feather" from the Edgar Allen Poe record.

    I'm halfway through Mr. Parsons' instructional DVD "The Art & Science of Recording."

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    Default Re: Alan Parsons Project

    My Dad had some of their albums and of course I knew them from the Chicago Bulls NBA team using the beginning of "Eye in the Sky" as the intro music for the team, especially when Michael Jordan was playing.
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