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Thread: Favourite Glenn Frey Songs

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    Default Re: Favourite Glenn Frey Songs

    All worthy choices!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Favourite Glenn Frey Songs

    Peaceful Easy Feeling
    Take It Easy
    The One You Love
    Lyin' Eyes

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    Default Re: Favourite Glenn Frey Songs

    Don sings most of Doolin-Dalton, but I believe Glenn had more to do with it in terms of writing. Good Day In Hell is mostly Glenn's. After The Thrill Is Gone is different again, because the person who sings the part more or less wrote it. I think that GDIH is much more a Glenn song than ATTIS is. I guess you could say that Glenn is the main singer, but Don is harmonizing throughout the song. (Another rocker they did before Joe "the rocker" stepped in. Great rhythm guitars from Glenn and Bernie, and a FANTASTIC lead guitar from Felder)

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    Definitely agree about Good Day In Hell. I loved how they did it in 1976-77 after Joe came on board with him doing a solo as well as Felder's slide, but the original is also great (Felder's slide is immense - no wonder they wanted to have him in the band full-time! ) and no less rocking than the versions with Joe. I also agree it's much more Glenn's song than Don's. TBH until I double checked I didn't realise that Don was harmonising with Glenn throughout that track. I guess Don has an equivalent of GDIH in King Of Hollywood, where he is the main voice in the duet, although one difference is that Glenn doesn't sing all of the lines in KOH, most notably the verse after Don F's guitar solo.

    Of the other Glenn/Don duets, although it's a cover I'd say Ol' 55 is a bit like After The Thrill Is Gone in that Glenn and Don each sing distinct sections of the song, although I'd say it's more Glenn's song than ATTIG is because he sings the verses on his own (whereas on ATTIG they sing the last verse together). Teenage Jail works out roughly equally between the two in terms of vocals because they have one verse each then share the final one. I'm not sure who was the main writer for TJ, although I would guess that Glenn had more input into the song as a whole. What Do I Do With My Heart is mainly Glenn, as Don doesn't come in until quite near the end. There's also the 2007 version of How Long, where Glenn gained the third verse which was sung by Randy in 1973. Again I tend to think of it as more Glenn, partly because it reminds me of the early 1970s albums where he had more vocals, especially On The Border, although Don is quite prominent on there too, more so than WDIDWMH.

    The more I think about it, the odd one out among the songs with shared Don/Glenn lead vocals is King Of Hollywood, as it's only one where Don is by far the more prominent voice, with probably only Doolin-Dalton coming close in this regard.

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