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    Always love buying magazines from a news stand. Far more appealing, actually, than going all in with a subscription, as it gives me veto power over magazine issues that don't appeal to me as much.

    My routine favourites are Blue Ridge Mountain Magazine, Guitar World, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine. I've been wanting to buy the latest issue of Vanity Fare magazine on Springsteen(his auto-bio does interest me), but all the advertisements are just too much for me. Not just the ads, but the content. The gross promotion of materialistic decadence...I just can't do it. The most recent Grateful Dead commemorative issue does interest me a little, but I have to use maximum discernment on all of those types of magazine issues to make sure I don't pack my bookshelves with more of the same information.

    What are some of your favourites?
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    I subscribe to the US edition of Rolling Stone & FourFourTwo which is a British football magazine. My husband subscribes to the British satirical magazine Private Eye.

    I used to subscribe to Time until the internet made most of what it publishes behind the times.

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    I've been a subscriber to Entertainment Weekly since around 2005 as they used to cover my favorite show at the time LOST and when I would buy those issues I realized they covered everything I love with TV, movies, books, and music so I have gotten it ever since. Always use their book recommendations and have found so many good ones and good indie movies to watch too. Used to get TV Guide too but they changed the magazine too much and moved more of their news coverage online like most. So for the others I check their websites and the ones I check the most are EW, TV Guide, TV Line, Deadline, and the Hollywood Reporter. Any other magazines I buy singe issue wise will be because a favorite of mine is interviewed and on the cover.
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