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Thread: Favourite Joe Walsh Songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Visitor View Post
    The lyrics for Collage was written by Joe's friend Patrick Cullie. I imagine that's why those lyrics are so much different than Joe's other songs. Patrick also co-wrote Meadows.
    Thank you for that information. I did know Cullie co-wrote the song, but did not know he was the sole lyricist. I definitely need to look up Patrick Cullie as both songs are very fine!

    And thanks for posting those other versions of Collage. Gotta say I like Joe's version the best, however. It's more brooding and moody, which better represent the lyrics.

    Here's a link to Joe's version--just as a contrast to the other two, for those who may not be familiar with the original Collage. The actual song starts at 1:00. The first song is Stone Rap, which is Joe fooling around, and IMHO did not belong on the album. See

    That said, Joe's earlier albums--especially Barnstorm through There Goes the Neighborhood--represent some of his best lyrics, IMHO.

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts
    Most of Joe's best work was when he was young. There was a fire, a hunger back then, a need to prove himself and be taken seriously as an artist... he's never lost that fire, but some of the intensity might have faded a bit, especially after he decided to go the more humorous route with several of his songs after the success of "Life's Been Good." He still puts out excellent work, though. JMHO.
    I agree. Joe's work in the 1980s is uneven, and he seemed to rely on his humor more--perhaps to help carry the weight. Some of his antics towards the end--early-to-mid 1990s--are just very sad.

    Another factor behind his uneven performance, I believe, was the Eagles' break up. Joe took it very hard, which he's admitted in many articles. Joe loved the Eagles, and he loved being in the Eagles. He also loved his solo career--but it was secondary to his work with the Eagles. The Eagles came first. I think Joe felt adrift after the Eagles disbanded, and this may've fueled his personal demons--thereby exacerbating his substance dependancy. Just speculation, of course. And I am hesitant to offer, as Joe would say, "jumping conclusions," for people are complex and often don't understand their own motivations. But this narrative is consistent with everything I've read about him. And it further explains Joe's lowered intensity in the 1982-1993/4 period (pre-reunion).
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