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    Default William Shatner

    This actor and icon deserves his very own appreciation thread. A man who rises to the occasion in his chosen ventures every single time.

    A guy who has been one thing or another that we knew and loved--Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker, and the Priceline Negotiator. Film and Television actor, acclaimed science fiction writer, and renown singer. A legend in almost every facet of the entertainment world for over six decades now.

    Who wants to show Mr. Shatner some love?

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    Default Re: William Shatner

    Shatner is awesome!!! I've always liked him and he's great to follow on Twitter as we watch a lot of the same shows. Love how he's taken a lot of younger actors under his wing, especially some of my current favorites Colin O'Donoghue, Sam Heughan, Sam Witwer, and others. He even jokingly refers to Colin as his step-dad as the actress who plays Colin's girlfriend on "Once Upon a Time", Jennifer Morrison, played Kirk's mother in the newer "Star Trek" films and Shatner even said Colin taught him to be a captain as Colin plays Captain Hook. LOL

    Also as a huge Batman fan found out Shatner's joining the new Adam West animated Batman films as the villain Two Face. These films are in the style of the 60s TV show and features some of the original cast as the voice actors, and Shatner's will be out next year.
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    Default Re: William Shatner

    I've gotten to meet William Shatner twice and attend a couple panels at science fiction conventions. He's dynamic, entertaining, and very appreciative of the fans. I'm a huge Trekkie and I really admire him. I even paid for a picture with him, but I look fat in it so I'm not going to post it, lol. He rocks!

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