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Thread: Randy Christmas Card

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    Default Re: Randy Christmas Card

    How wonderful! Kudos to Randy for being so sweet as to reply to his fans.

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Randy Christmas Card

    I didn't see this post until today. I hope I'm not too late in saying how utterly pleased I am to see our Sweet Randy with his little dog, appearing happy and well. I echo the thoughts of others here who have expressed how wonderful it is to know that Randy has received love and support from his fans when he needed it most, and now he is returning some of that love in the form of his card! Just lovely!

    Each of you (calling you out, NMB and ETG!) who received a Christmas greeting from Randy must have had one of the most exciting and wonderful holidays, ever!! Whoop, whoop!!

    I hope Randy's Christmas was a healing experience for him, filled with the affection of friends and family and that 2017 will continue that precedent- for Randy and for us all.

    It's all in your smile that brings
    All of the special things about you

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    Default Re: Randy Christmas Card

    What a lovely post, LT, thank you-- I have the same hope!

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    Default Re: Randy Christmas Card

    Thanks LT, it did brighten up my holidays!!

    I hope and pray for the same thing for Randy and us all!!

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