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That's understandable. Personally I stopped wanting to see him live because he's played 90% of the same songs every time I've seen him. But I can understand the frustration of not hearing a particular hit. He's got to walk the line of playing the big hits, while also not becoming stale, and with how many hits he has it's difficult. Like the fact that he's only playing one song from Damn the Torpedoes, which is recognized as the bands best work. Especially when this is supposed to be TP&THB 40th anniversary tour, and they are playing 70 percent from two of his solo albums they only marginally contributed to.
I get it, but it still sucks not to hear your favorites you've waited forever to see. Especially when he replaced it with not even one of his own songs.

I like Damn The Torpedoes, my favorite of the bands work but Refugee is my favorite from that. I honestly really love his solo work, Wildflowers is so good and I have a strong connection to You Don't Know It Feels and You Wreck Me.

My favorite Heartbreaker is Mike, and he was all over the solo stuff. But I could see how someone who preferred the band stuff not liking the solo stuff as much. And I love the band stuff, but for me Wildflowers is really special and I get why he does a lot of material from it. I certainly have my favorites.