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Thread: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    Beautiful photos, Soda. Wonderful memories to reflect upon.
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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    They are beautiful photos. Somewhere on this Board is a photo of Deacon at a basketball game smiling and having fun with his friends while Glenn was looking at Deacon and smiling. I always thought that was a sweet photo.

    Deacon should be in goods hands with his Dad's band mates supporting him. With his DNA and all he learned and observed from his father not to mention the strength and determination he might draw from the memory of Glenn, I bet he does great.

    Best wishes !!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    Lovely photos of Deacon playing with Glenn . Great that you got to see them play together Soda.
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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    Deacon did such a great job on Saturday. He said he was nervous, but I couldn't tell. I know it was hard and a little stressful to do what he did on Saturday, but he did a great job.

    I forgot to send best wishes for Deacon this past weekend, but I will for the 29th.

    Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    Well, from the parts that I saw, Deacon was calm, cool and collected. He did just awesome! I know that Glenn would have been very proud.

    When I watch one of the videos, which are being blocked as we speak, I feel like I'm in a timewarp. At first glance, it's 70's Glenn with the current bandmates! It's almost startling!
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    Default Re: Best Wishes, Deacon, for Classic Shows

    Deacon did great Saturday. Best wishes for the 29th Deacon.

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