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Thread: A Pre-Eagles song?

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    Default A Pre-Eagles song?

    So I'm reading the book Desperado The Roots of Country Rock by John Einarson and it's a wonderful book on Country Rock pioneers and popular exponents such as Poco, Eagles, the Dillards, Gene Clark, Byrds, Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman etc.

    Anyhow it's briefly mentioned how much Henley and Frey loved the Dillards and particularly their album Wheatstraw Suite and it's influence on the Eagles.
    While it has the same commercial sound it is mainly one track called The Big Whatever that stands out to me as incredibly Eagle-esque. It has the quick acoustic strum of the Eagle hits but particularly is Rodney Dillards' lead vocals sound so much like Glenn's nasal country vocals. The quick rap like vocals also remind me of the verses of Take it Easy what do you guys think, am I way off or dose it sound really similar or in the only slightly?

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    Default Re: A Pre-Eagles song?


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    Default Re: A Pre-Eagles song?

    I can sort of hear a bit of a similarity.

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