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Thread: Celebration of "Strange Weather"

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    Default Celebration of "Strange Weather"

    On this day in 1992 Glenn's Strange Weather was released.

    This is my all time favorite Eagles solo album. There are simply no weak songs on it, IMHO. For any of you who have not ever heard it, I would encourage you to give it a listen. It is Glenn at his finest. I've got to run some errands this afternoon so I think this will be the featured album of the day in my car's CD player.

    Happy Birthday Strange Weather!!!

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    This is my favorite Glenn Frey album, I love every song from the album!
    To celebrate the day, I had listen the CD on the way to work and again at home!
    "For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation!"
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    Of course I, like everyone (I assume), loves POMPOY. Others that stick out to me are Love In The 21st Century, Brave New World and I really like I've Got Mine. Not my fave album of his but still a really outstanding one I think.

    Anxious to get others take on this album.
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    Definitely my favorite of his. I like every song on it. My favorites are POMPOY, River of Dreams, and Brave New World. The first two are very melodic, romantic, and uplifting both lyrically and musically. Brave New World is exciting, like a novel. More thoughts when I have more time!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    This is off topic, but does anyone know why Itunes doesn't carry any of Glenn's albums? They have Don's and Joe's (none of Timothy's)... what's up with that?
    ~ Cathy ~

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    The last time I looked for Glenn on iTunes you could get the Masters Collection. Sadly, I think most of his work is no longer available commercially and so it was never made available to iTunes.

    I have a great deal to say about Strange Weather because as with Dreamer, it is my absolute favourite solo album by ANY Eagle. However, I will save that for tomorrow when I have a long time to think about it.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    In honor, I'm listening to Strange Weather today at work. I have the office to myself today!

    Of course as with most of you, my favorite track is POMPOY. I also really love I've Got Mine and River of Dreams.

    Here's the track listing. I will rate it later.

    1. Silent Spring [instrumental prelude]
    2. Long Hot Summer
    3. Strange Weather
    4. Agua Tranquilla [instrumental]
    5. Love in the 21st Century
    6. He Took Advantage [Blues for Ronald Reagan]
    7. River of Dreams
    8. I've Got Mine
    9. Rising Sun [instrumental]
    10.Brave New World
    12.A Walk in the Dark
    13.Before the Ship Goes Down
    14.Big Life
    15.Part of Me, Part of You

    He was quite ambitious putting 15 songs on it!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    This is probably my second favourite Glenn album, after "No Fun Aloud". The album is on my mp3 player (along with all Glenn's other solo albums), so I listen to the songs constantly, albeit along with other unrelated songs.

    My favourite song of Glenn's hands down is "Love In The 21st Century", which features on this album. I love the rocking rhythm, the lyrics are clever, and Glenn's vocal is superb. I especially love the guitar parts and solo at the end. His version in "Live In Dublin" rocks even harder.

    Other highlights for me are "Part Of Me, Part Of You" (just a beautiful lyric and powerfully sung), "A Walk In The Dark" (), "He Took Advantage" (a great piece of blues) and "Brave New World", on which I love his overdubbed harmonies - it sounds fantastic. I just close my eyes when listening to it on my earphones, and absorb Glenn's voice on it. Wow.

    I've got a peaceful, easy feeling
    And I know Glenn won't let me down

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    OK, some thoughts on the songs.

    Silent Spring
    Beautiful instrumental that would become a part of the Eagles set for a long time as a prelude to Tequila Sunrise. I think this song, along with a couple others, were the products of Glenn's scoring his episode of Expedition Earth and really liking it. He has a talent for writing expressive instrumentals that accomplish more emotionally without words than some songs with lyrics ever achieve. This would later be evident in I Dreamed There Was No War on Long Road Out of Eden.

    Long Hot Summer
    Man, I'm in Houston, Texas as I'm writing this, and they're having record-breaking high temperatures. Let's just say I can relate. He really effectively conveys that oppressive feeling of the heat, and the connection to a broader theme of breaking emotionally under strain works well. I believe Glenn has said this was inspired by global warming, which adds an extra thematic element.

    Strange Weather
    The use of a storm to describe dark emotions could have been trite, but Glenn pulls it off by adding an extra layer of uncertainty to it. That's the heart of the song: trepidation, insecurity, a mix of despair and hope. My favorite part is that way the vocal grows more empathic at the end: "I remember how it used to be, and it can be that way again." Makes me believe it. I have noticed that the majority of Glenn's songs do seem to have a positive or hopeful message, and it's one of the things I love about his work.

    Agua Tranquila
    Another instrumental that, judging from the name, was probably inspired by his trip down the river. I really enjoy it.

    Love in the 21st Century
    You know, with the proliferation of internet dating, this rings true more than ever, doesn't it? An upbeat tune that belies the darker lyrics of desperate, lonely people turning to false, faceless "love" that's shallow and meaningless. I think the contrast between the tune and the lyrics demonstrates how any excitement the people are getting from this kind of "love" is also only on the surface. As the lyrics make a mockery of the brightness of the tune, they also make a mockery of the use of the word "love" to describe anything that's going on here.

    He Took Advantage (Blues for Ronald Reagan)
    I love the tune of this, especially the key change at the end. I find the lyrics intriguing, as they seem to imply that the singer believed in Ronald Reagan and feels betrayed. True of Glenn and Jack Tempchin? Surprising but possible. Of course they could simply be speaking for the majority of America and not themselves, but it feels personal to me. Interesting.

    River of Dreams
    Ah, River of Dreams. Beautiful and brilliant from start to finish. Such lovely word pictures in the lyrics, and a great build to the chorus which gives the impression of the expansiveness of their dream home "way up in the mountains high." The instrumental beginning also really leads well into the song and is a nice touch, although I understand why it was cropped off for the single version. The basis for this tune also appears in the Expedition Earth soundtrack. That trip and experience really seemed to affect him greatly, as I said before. The romantic lyrics are absolutely lovely. Lines such as "If I could, I'd lift you up on angel's wings"; "People don't run out of dreams, people just run out of time" - really have an emotional effect. My favorite part, though, is the last chorus:
    And we'll have stars to wish on every single night
    We'll build a fire and make love by candlelight
    We'll do our moondance 'til we get it right
    What woman isn't going to sigh at that? The song is one of my absolute favorites of Glenn's work.

    I've Got Mine
    This song is also one that really works. Some people gave him a hard time about writing a song about the plight of the poor when he's rich - but just because he has money doesn't mean he's ignorant of people struggling without it. Indeed, it conveys an anger that many people with money do act oblivious; this song is one of his ways to combat that. Even the discussions he had with interviewers about whether or not he was "allowed" to write about the feelings of the poor raised awareness about the issue. As for the tune, it's surprisingly catchy in a dark way, especially the tag line: "I've got mine." Some of Glenn's thoughts on it:
    "I'll be the first person to tell you that it's a lot easier to think about the world's problems when you've got money in the bank, can put food on the table and you're not worried about where your next paycheck is comin' from. [...] It just became apparent to me that, although I know a lot of people who are committed to many charitable causes, there are also really a lot of people out there who are committed more to running their personal empires and don't really care enough about other people." (Los Angeles Times 1992)

    "People thought I was hypocritical for writing a song about the haves & have nots. Hey - it's just a song." (San Diego 1992)

    "Rich people don't give a damn. Nine out of ten don't care - and it bugs the shit out of us. [...] It's amazing how the world is such a wonderful place once you get your first million." (Washington DC 1993)
    Rising Sun
    I think this is my favorite of his instrumentals, and I don't know why. I just love it - perhaps in part because it leads very well to another favorite:

    Brave New World
    In my opinion, this song is VERY underrated. I think it's terrific. That melody of the verse has an urgency, a dark anticipation to it, and again a great build to the chorus. I love the shift from that dark anticipation to the reassurance and hope of the chorus. It's a melodic shift that matches the mood of the lyrics in an original and interesting way. This is a sophisticated song and I don't get why it doesn't receive more attention. My favorite part: when he adds that extra "you're my girl" to the chorus. Those kind of nuances always appeal to me.

    The only song that I occasionally skip simply because it has that falsetto which doesn't do justice to Glenn's voice, but that he utilizes every now again. Hot images, though. That's some extended metaphor there that screams SEX, especially "Sweet juices running down your fingertips
    It's nothing like the taste of your sweet lips." Dang. The fact that it's for Taylor... well, I try not to think about that because then I feel icky for finding it hot.

    A Walk in the Dark
    No such qualms here. Wow, these lyrics sound like they're out of a romance novel... the risque kind. And that sexy vocal... NICE.

    Before the Ship Goes Down
    I think I read somewhere, or perhaps heard in an interview, that the "get the most out of life because you're not going to live forever" mentality was inspired by his health problems in the late eighties, that would unfortunately recur with a vengeance during the Hell Freezes Over tour. Regardless of whether he said it then, he explicitly tied the experience to his positive attitude in a conversation at Pebble Beach. He said something like he had a lot to appreciate in his life - a lovely wife, kids, success, recovery from two colon surgeries - and you gotta enjoy your life while you can and not let a couple bad golf shots get you down. The fact that the vocal and the tune are so upbeat despite the apparent imminent death of the guy in the song - and the people all around him - tells you all you need to know right there. Carpe diem!

    Big Life
    Glenn pulls a Joe Walsh here and basically writes a song designed to make you laugh. With lines like "We'll find some peace, just you, my staff and I" and a great comedic delivery... how can you not? Not to mention those cheesy pick up lines! What a hoot. Catchy too! His thoughts on it:
    "You know, Ive heard two phrases that have really stuck with me. One is, 'Money is seldom accompanied by taste.' If you were to go into ten homes in Beverly Hills, I swear to God, nine of them would be horribly decorated, and youd wonder, 'What a waste of money.' And the other one is that 'Money never cared who it hung out with' which is also true. So I just started thinking... Ive run into some people who I think give money a bad name. [Laughs] And so I just imagined this sort of obnoxious guy who was sort of a combination of Donald Trump and Ted Turner and George Steinbrenner and other media-type people who would be getting onto an MGM Grand flight from New York to LA and immediately, everybody in the plane hears what this guys talking about. You know, hes 'just been with Stallone, and Im skiing in Aspen with Jack and Cher, and I own a baseball team, and by the way do you want to get into the movies, and whats your name, and Im going out to Hollywood, maybe you wanna come with me, well just go in my limousine, were having a big party....'

    Ive seen this thing play out so often, and I just decided to take a crack at writing this song called, 'Big Life.' And so, I wrote this tune, and basically its this sort of braggadocious, obnoxious guy who gets on this airplane and is trying to impress this girl with this long list of why hes cool.... all his money and his accomplishments and his investments and stuff. Actually, 'Big Life' the phrase 'Big Life' its funny, Ive come to work.... my life has gotten more complicated in the last fifteen years. Life does get more complicated. I would just come into work sometimes and go [Huge sigh.] Like that. And Elliot would say, 'Whats wrong?' And Id go, 'Nothing, just Big Life Syndrome.' You know, Ive got a big life. So Ive just been keepin that phrase. So thats how that song came about." (Strange Weather Promo Interview 1992)
    Part of Me, Part of You
    The big finish - and what a finish it is. This is the kind of song that can change your mood, that can lift you up... the best kind of song, in other words. The sweeping melody that brings you along with it as it rises - "Until we find the bridge across forever - until this grand illusion brings us home"; "Whatever time may take away, it cannot change the way we feel today." Just a couple examples of a song that is moving throughout. And his vocal... what can I say but WOW? It has such power, packs such an emotional impact. Well done, Glenn, well done. Another absolute favorite of his entire catalog. Indeed, this and River of Dreams are some of my favorites by ANY artist.

    Ain't It Love
    I have to give a special mention to Ain't It Love, a special track added to the Japanese version of the album and which he played live for them (lucky Japanese!) A straightforward celebration that the genuineness of Glenn's vocal along with the upbeat melody really sell. The instrumentation works very well too - bright horns and those little sparkly chime sounds sprinkled throughout. I love it! If you haven't heard it yet, you can download the rarity here.

    To sum up: Strange Weather is the most consistently strong album of any Eagle, I believe, and a brilliant work in total. Kudos to Glenn.

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday "Strange Weather"

    Just realized that some people may not be familiar with Glenn's appearance on Expedition Earth. Read more about it here:

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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