Hi everyone! My name is Annamaria, I was actually a member of this community back in 2007 when I was in middle school
I'm a grownup now (lol) and happy to be back! I'm currently a freelance violinist in the greater NYC area and orchestra teacher at an elementary school. I've been a huge fan of the Eagles since I first watched my dad's copy of the Farewell I Tour (I watched it so much that I had to replace his copy since I scratched the disk.) I've played violin since I was 4 years old, but I give the Eagles credit for making me fall in love with music and pursuing it as a career. Studying music in college and becoming a professional musician has actually made me appreciate and love this fantastic band even more. I've seen Don Henley twice in concert (2007 in Atlantic City, NJ and 2015 in Philadelphia, PA) and I saw the Eagles in 2008 during their LROE tour and just bought my ticket to see them at MSG in a few weeks!
I'm happy to be back here and bask in the knowledge, excitement, and love from this community.