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Thread: Corona Virus

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    Very soon my girls should be getting vaccinated as Walshfan stated Pfizer will get the go ahead soon yay! A lot of the cases in our town were from after school get togethers and such where people slack and hang out etc. I think they did a good job with the restrictions they had in place in school systems. We would get emails from superintendent reminding people repeatedly to enforce restrictions while not in school, but it wasnít happening. I am so lucky that my family hasnít been infected (that we know of) gotten ill throughout this Ordeal. I wish all the best and its looking closer and closer to a light at end of tunnel.

    You know how they say x amount of Americans are not getting their second shot...I dunno, I found that hard to believe. Maybe Iím just lucky in CT people arenít hesitating we are at like 50% adults fully vaccinated. But my question is.....Do they factor people in that might have scheduled an appointment through the state portal but cancelled for whatever reason but got the second shot at letís say CVS or Walgreens who is not in the state portal? How do they keep track of that? I know they have the card and document in their system etc but do they merge this information. I imagine they would but just something I wonder. Sorry for rambling lol

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    Congrats on getting your vaccine, scottside. And great news about the pending approval of the vaccine for all the U.S. population age 12 and over. I believe most parents will be relieved to have their children vaccinated. And I will also take the booster shot. I'm hoping that we will only have to have this no more often than once a year.

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    Awesome, KW!

    Dreamer - my hope as well. However it all depends on these variants, more variants to come (hopefully none, but realistically...), and how proactive the main vaccine is against the variants will determine how often you get vax'd and if boosters are needed. I have a feeling the people that get the AstraZeneca or the Johnson and Johnson will need more boosters, because it's more of an old school vaccine where it is just a static clone of the virus and gives you immunity. However Moderna and Pfizer uses mRNA, which means it can smartly detect new things over time that are 95 percent the same and block those as well, where the other two I mentioned are more specific to the original COVID strain.

    I remember I already had my flu shot for the year when H1N1 came out, and I got the H1N1 shot as soon as it came out to cover it as well. It was a big vaccination center in our local high school gym. There wasn't politicization of that virus, so there was a big turnout for vaccines. There was not the BS downplaying or hoax-ifying going on then nor near the conspiracy theories. There have always been anti-vexers, but the ones related to COVID are mostly people who would have had no problems with an H1N1 shot nor would they deny it's severity. And considering COVID is about a hundred times or more worse, you'd think they'd take it even more seriously but sadly that has not panned out.
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