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Thread: Corona Virus

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    2nd shot done today so from this day next week I'll be fully vaccinated. I'm glad its the Pfizer bioNtech one. I've heard that J&J and Astrazeneca may not be as effective against the Delta variant, and it will become the dominant variant in Europe and the USA by the end of the Summer according to the scientists.

    Looking forward to being able to travel again too. I think our Borders will open up in mid July and we should get our green certs by then too! Fingers X-ed!!
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    Congrats, GA! I'm glad for you because getting fully vaccinated has been very liberating for me. However, I am concerned that people who are not vaccinated may be getting a false sense of security that the virus is disappearing. Of course, as these highly transmissible variants spread, the unvaccinated are at higher risk. We are already seeing evidence of this in some places here in the U.S. Once cold weather hits again, we could see another surge.

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