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Thread: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

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    Default Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Y'all are very welcome as always.

    And I think it was cool way to finish the game, too. I knew when I cast my vote how it would end (barring some last minute vote) and figured it was fitting that the game end in a tie.

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    Default Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    I'm delighted to see that it was a draw! Both of the songs are worthy winners and so it is very appropriate that both came in exactly equal.
    Thanks to Dreamer for steering us all through the game!
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    Default Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Perfect way to end the game. I couldn't decide between the two, I love them both so much. Great game!

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    Default Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Dreamer many thanks for all you do in running these games. And, I agree - very cool way to end the game !

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    Default Re: Eagles DVD Survivor: Farewell I

    Hey, cool way to end the game! Congrats to Take It Easy and Already Gone! I love both songs so much!

    Thanks, Dreamer, for running the game!

    Btw, what was your favorite? If you said, I missed it!
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