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Thread: Rain, rain, rain and more rain

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    Default Rain, rain, rain and more rain

    It's raining here in the SoCal. More rain is expected today. A lot of areas are having mudslides. Hope Joes place is ok, he's in the Beverly Hills area on the side of a hill. If the small canyon on his property gets a lot of water in it he could lose his solar panels. He has about 60 of them in the canyon below his house.
    I can't even take my poor ole girl out side to potty, even when the rain stops. My back grass is under water and my side yard is getting deep too. If it gets any deeper it will be over the slab and into my house. Lucky i keep my guitars up off the floor. We need it to let up so things can dry out a little.
    They just issued a flash flood warning for the area. If the Santa Ana River overflow or gives way it could get bad real quick. Some area around Malibu have had over a foot of rain already. Local mountains could get 4 feet of snow. Great for the mountain communities but it will be a while till people can get there with roads washing out.
    A good thing is i won't have to water my grass for a couple weeks.

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    Default Re: Rain, rain, rain and more rain

    Our son is in La Habra. He said it's really wet, but no flooding. Although I did see that a brick wall about a mile from him collapsed and fell on some cars in an apartment complex parking lot. Thank goodness , he's okay. I check on him every day. Just being a mom.

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    Default Re: Rain, rain, rain and more rain

    Hope all of you California Borderers are staying safe and dry,

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