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Bill Szymczyk

Eagles credits
Producer, Engineer: On the Border (all songs but "Best of My Love" and "You Never Cry Like a Lover"), One of These Nights, Hotel California, The Long Run, "Please Come Home for Christmas" single, Eagles Live
Producer: "Hole in the World" single
Co-producer: Long Road Out of Eden

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Involvement with the Eagles
Szymzcyk got involved with the Eagles by way of Joe Walsh. He first encountered Joe when listening to the James Gang play in Cleveland. He got them signed and produced their albums. When Joe left in 1972, he continued to produce him, even getting co-writing credits on Theme from Boat Weirdos and, 16 years later, Theme from Baroque Weirdos.

In 1974, the Eagles were ready for a new producer. Both Joe Walsh and the Eagles were being managed by Irving Azoff; Joe played a few gigs with the Eagles, and they liked the way his tracks sounded. They asked who produced him because they wanted the same guy working on their stuff. When Joe told them, off they went to Szymczyk. As he tells it, "We had a meeting at Chuck's Steak House, next to the Record Plant in LA, and three days later, we were making On The Border."

Szymczyk, unlike their former producer Glyn Johns, was more than willing to produce more rock-edged tracks. He also was willing to give the band lots of time to do what they needed to do and let them drive the sound rather than the other way around, although he certainly influenced it.

After Bernie left in 1975, the Eagles wanted to bring in Joe Walsh. At first, Szymczyk was opposed to the idea, but they plunged ahead and it certainly turned out fine! Szymcyk's work on the ensuing Hotel California made him highly sought-after as a producer. At this point, though, the Eagles were taking pretty much all of his time. This was especially true when work started on The Long Run, or, as he calls it, "the long one."

After the Eagles broke up, Szymcyk worked with other artists, but officially retired in 1990. Still, when the Eagles first started trying to make a new album in 2001, he came out and worked with them again. Some habits die hard!